CBDC Conference opens virtual exhibition to public

CBDC Conference opens virtual exhibition to public


The organizers of the CBDC Conference have announced the opening of the virtual exhibition. Admission is open to the public.

The CBDC Conference is the premier event on Central Bank Digital Currency. More than 50 speakers from the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), various central banks, technology providers, universities, and policy makers will provide a comprehensive insight into the various aspects of CBDC.

The CBDC Conference will be held online from 4 – 6 October 2021.

Virtual exhibition open to the public

The CBDC Conference is designed as a platform for information exchange, and the virtual exhibition plays a vital role in this framework. It offers interested individuals the opportunity to get information about Central Bank Digital Currency at the various information booths of the partners of the CBDC Conference.

Access to the virtual exhibition is open to the public. No registration is necessary.

To enter the exhibition, please follow this link https://www.cbdc-conference.com/agenda/virtual-exhibition.

For further information about the speakers and the agenda at the CBDC Conference, or to register, please visit www.cbdc-conference.com.

Organiser: Lighthouse Communications


For further information, please contact:

Beat Attinger E-mail: b.attinger@cbdc-conference.com

Tel.: +41 41 530 36 73

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