We’d like to offer our information and reference editions dedicated to various aspects of cash circulation, currency industry, securities, numismatics, economy and finance.


Central Bank Payments Conference - 24–27, June, 2019, Berlin, Germany


Topics: In contrast to other commercially organized payment conferences, the Central Bank Payments Conference (CBPC) focuses on payments and payment systems issues from a central bank perspective. We have developed a two-day program complete with topics that address the most relevant concerns, challenges, and opportunities facing Central Banks and their evolving role in the payment system and market infrastructure. In addition to the Central Bank payment leaders, Currency Research also invites the most relevant participants under the oversight of the Central Bank to ensure beneficial and productive communications that can lead to transformative approaches and initiatives for payments. As the most pertinent policy issues surrounding the Central Bank operation and oversight of the payment system are discussed, this is a conference for payment system executives, leaders, and senior experts. Since cashless payments evolve quickly due to rapidly changing technologies, we plan to hold this conference every year in a different location around the world.

Organizer: Currency Research

The Digital Banking Summit - 19-20 August, 2019, Accra, Ghana


Topics: Through the Digital Banking Summit Ghana, we bring forth a C-level platform that will concentrate on global trends and disruptions, how market players can ascertain opportunities and respond to the threats. A gathering that focuses on the big issues from Fintech Disruption to Financial Inclusion, Blockchain and Regtech.

Organizer: International Center for Strategic Alliances

Tax Stamp Forum - 11-13 September, 2019, Budapest, Hungary


Topics: The conference also has a specific focus on innovation and emerging technologies, on new technologies with the potential to enhance the production and protection of tax stamps.

Organizer: Reconnaissance Int.

Asia Cash Cycle Seminar (ICCOS) - 23–26, September, 2019, Colombo, Sri Lanka


Topics: The Asia Cash Cycle Seminar’s program focuses on regional implications for the cash management industry from both the commercial and central bank perspectives. Learn more about the highly successful program in 2017. The Cash Cycle Seminar offers insights and strategies to help your organization: streamline processes; learn valuable solutions and best practices; network with cash industry peers; and more.

Organizer: Currency Research

Coin Conference – 14-16, October 2019, Rome, Italy


Topics: The Coin Conference focuses on circulating coins as part of countries’ currency strategies. Circulating coins play a key societal role in facilitating transactions, and comprise an intrinsic component of treasury department and central bank cash strategies. Forecasting demand, determining the optimum note/coin boundary, optimizing circulation, minimizing costs, maximizing revenues, and building and maintaining public confidence are all issues that are central to such strategies.

Organizer: Reconnaissance Int

Banknote Conference - 11-14, May, 2020, Washington D.C., USA


Topics: The Banknote Conference format and size encourages a collegial exchange of information, opportunities for business development and up-to-the-minute information. This highly acclaimed banknote conference encourages the participation of senior executives, administrators and managers involved in policy-making, banknote design, production, issue, regulation, processing and authentication of banknotes for such organizations as: Central Banks and Monetary Authorities, National and commercial banknote printing works, National and commercial paper mills, Government enforcement agencies, Banknote technology companies, Security ink manufacturers, Banknote designers, Banknote security device manufacturers, Banknote equipment manufacturers. Cash Management Companies (CMCs).

Organizer: Currency Research

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