We’d like to offer our information and reference editions dedicated to various aspects of cash circulation, currency industry, securities, numismatics, economy and finance.


The Digital Currency Conference – May 17-19, 2023 Mexico City, Mexico


Topics: CBDC Developments: Are Central Banks Moving Away from Cash?; What's Gone Wrong? Demystifying the Trials and Tribulations of CBDCs; FinTech Showcase – The Innovation of Digital Currencies; Should DeFi & TradFi Co-Exist in the Digital Currency Realm; The Future of CBDCs & Lessons Learned in Latin America; Global Standards for Digital Currency Designs; Digital Currencies as a Path to Financial Inclusion; Digital Currency Use Cases and the Importance of UX; Regulating and Securing Digital Currencies through Digital Ids & Transaction Monitoring; What happens when the lights go out? Different schemes for offline functionality; Differences Between Digital Currency Models and Real Time Payments: Untangling the Future Payment Landscape; CR Achievement in Digital Currency Awards.

Organizer: Currency Research

High Security Printing Latin America Nassau The Bahamas 5-7 June 2023


Topics: The latest technologies and techniques in the production and issue of banknotes, ePassports, ID cards, visas and other secure documents across Latin America; Reducing the Environmental Impact of Cash; Regional Currency Developments; Design and Production; Regional awards for the best banknotes and ID documents of the year.

Organizer: Reconnaissance International

THE CENTRAL BANK PAYMENTS CONFERENCE (CBPC) 26-28 June 2023, Cape Town-South Africa


Topics: Payments and payment systems issues from a central bank perspective; most relevant concerns, challenges, and opportunities facing Central Banks and their evolving role in the payment system and market infrastructure; rapidly changing payment technologies; Innovation is the new constant in the payments landscape, continually advancing change as a winning strategy; Central Bank as an operator, overseer, and/or catalyst for a robust, safe, and secure payment system

Organizer: Currency Research

11-13 September 2023, Asia Cash Cycle Seminar, Bangkok, Thailand


Topics: Cash & Payments Trends; Is there a new normal or has cash returned to pre-pandemic levels, we look at the latest regional and international trends in cash and payments. Are we seeing any permanent change in the way the region pays for goods and services?; How will the Digital transformation impact the use of cash and what policies and strategies will be required to maintain its efficient management?; Access to Cash, the Protection of Choice; Governments legislating to protect citizens' ability to access cash, we will examine examples of this legislation and also the innovative solutions that are now being implemented to ensure citizens' choice of payments are protected; Cash Technology and Automation; What has the industry learned from recent world events to improve business continuity planning and cash cycle resilience and how to prepare for the next unexpected event? What is the latest technology to bridge the physical and digital divide in cash payments?; Sustainability in Cash Production and Distribution How can the production of banknotes and coins be managed in an environmentally friendly way? How can optimized cash distribution systems be commercially and environmentally sustainable? ATM Trends and Business Models; ATMs have been a key driver in the distribution of cash and a key enabler of its easy access. Do we look at the latest trends in ATM installations and the cash they dispense? What does the future ATM look like and what functionality will they possess? As ATMs are a signification cost to any financial institution, we look at several operational business models and weigh up their merits; The Future of Money; Predicting the future of cash without considering the future of money may lead to a conclusion that cash will always be with us, which may or may not be the case. What might money look like, and for that matter, what might constitute money?; Regulation and Legislation; As the public’s use of cash transitions, as distribution and delivery models evolve and new technology is introduced, it is more important than ever to ensure remains trusted, safe, secure, and efficient.

Organizer: Currency Research

November 27-29, 2023, Americas Cash Cycle Seminar, Orlando, USA


Topics: Cash update - how have cash trends altered over the last year, what regional variations have been seen, how have the long-term cash use projections from central regulators changed due to covid?; Payments update – what effect have payments had on cash use, are payments growing, which are the main payments methods impacting cash now and forecast to affect cash in the future; What is the potential for cashback to play a greater role in the provision of cash withdrawal facilities?; How can we encourage the development of new cash access channels, for example via retail?; CashTech – the best of physical and digital, or a distraction from optimizing the distribution system?; The cost of cash; How can a lack of suitable, safe, and close deposit facilities be addressed?; Was the covid crisis a turning point in the widespread adoption of automation and recycling?; Have we seen peak outsourcing? Experiences from Europe, Middle East & Africa ; Business continuity planning and cash cycle resilience, how to prepare for the unexpected; Latest innovations in currency manufacturing – how can the production of banknotes and coins be managed in an environmentally friendly way?; How can optimized cash distribution systems be commercially and environmentally sustainable?; Should banks be obliged to demonstrate how they will meet thein a commercial and operationally sustainable way; how can this be done without breaking competition law?; Should governments legislate to require cash acceptance?; How can governments and regulators ensure a country maintains an appropriate network of cash withdrawal facilities over time? Is legislation required to maintain sustainable cash infrastructure?

Organizer: Currency Research

High Security Printing Asia – 4-6 December 2023 – Colombo, Sri Lanka


Topics: The High Security Printing Conference presents strategies and solutions for printing banknotes, passports and identity documents, with a special focus on issues across Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Organizer: Reconnaissance Int.

The Coin Conference Zagreb, Croatia, 2024


Topics: Forecasting demand; Determining the optimum note/coin boundary; Recyling and recirculation; Minimising costs of production and circulation; Building and maintaining public confidence; Technologies for green, clean and secure coins; New coin cycle policies and strategies; A sustainable future for coins; Threats and challenges to cash and coins.

Organizer: Reconnaissance International

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