We’d like to offer our information and reference editions dedicated to various aspects of cash circulation, currency industry, securities, numismatics, economy and finance.


CBDC Conference 29-31 August 2022, Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Topics: CBDC Academy: Technical solutions and their implications on the use cases; Why should people use CBDC?; From vision to design: A framework to align policy objectives and technology design choices; Bitcoin, Electronic Cash, & CBDCs; CBDC-What are we trying to achieve?; CBDCs: Motivations, challenges and lessons learned; Design & Policy aspects; The user aspects of CBDC; A collaborative approach to building a financial ecosystem including a CBDC; Offline payments and financial inclusion through CBDC;CBDC and DeFi;

Organizer: Lighthouse Communications LLC

Asia Cash Cycle Seminar, 5-7 September 2022, Manila Philippines


Topics: Cash & Payments Trends; Keeping Cash Relevant in an Increasingly Digitized Payment World; Efficiency, Optimization & Automation in Processing & Circulation; Sustainability in Cash Production and Distribution; CBDCs and Cash - Two Sides of the Same Coin?

Organizer: Currency Research

The Silk Road Conference on Cash & Payments, October 3-5, 2022, Almaty, Kazakhstan


Topics: Banknote Design, Specification & Production; Cash & Payments Trends;  Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs); What opportunities do CBDC present to the region?; Coin Production & Circulation; Cross-border Payments – How Frictionless Can They Be?; Efficiency, Optimization & Automation in Processing & Circulation; Modernisation of Payments Infrastructure: Lessons Learned; Universal Access to Payments.

Organizer: Currency Research National Bank of Kazakhstan

The Coin Conference 17-19 October 2022, Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Topics: Forecasting demand; Determining the optimum note/coin boundary; Recyling and recirculation; Minimising costs of production and circulation; Building and maintaining public confidence; Technologies for green, clean and secure coins; New coin cycle policies and strategies; A sustainable future for coins; Threats and challenges to cash and coins.

Organizer: Reconnaissance International

Americas Cash Cycle Seminar November 14 to 16, 2022, San Diego


Topics: Cash & Payments Trends; Access to Cash; Efficiency and Optimization; Sustainable Production & Distribution; Regulation & Legislation

Organizer: Currency Research

Cash & Payments Sustainability Forum 15-16 November 2022, Edinburgh, Scotland


Topics: Cooperation and address specific environmental challenges and solutions in the cash and payments arena; Role of the central bank, ISO14001, ESG reports, green washing, top down and/or bottom-up change; how to commission an LCA or CFA and how to move ESG from greenwashing to being a programme driver; how central banks can reduce the impact of cash and the cash cycle, what makes a difference and what is the commitment and cost?; What weighting to give them, disposing of notes at the end of life, green energy purchasing, deciding when carbon offsetting is right and how to do it well, reducing ATM energy use and the use of fossil fuels for cash movements; How technology can help sustainability, looking both at innovations within the cash cycle and examples from other industries and sectors.

Organizer: Reconnaissance International

World Banknote Summit (WBS) 2022, November 21-23, Antwerp, Belgium


Topics: How can we turn banknotes into a more effective, efficient and above all competitive form of payment? What does the payment landscape of the future look like and how do banknotes fit into this? Banknotes as part of an ever-evolving payment landscape; Keeping banknotes competitive as payment method; How to make banknotes more secure and efficient in their production and circulation?

Organizer: Lighthouse Communications

High Security Printing Asia – 5-7 December 2022 – Colombo, Sri Lanka


Topics: The High Security Printing Conference presents strategies and solutions for printing banknotes, passports and identity documents, with a special focus on issues across Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Organizer: Reconnaissance Int.

High Security Printing EMEA 7-9 March 2023 Abu Dhabi, UAE


Topics: Regional developments in currency and document security; Currency features and substrates; Developments in travel documents and features; Printing and production technologies; Anti-counterfeiting, document verification and enforcement; New developments in ID cards and breeder documents; eID, Mobile ID and Government eServices; New technologies and innovation; Fiscal stamps, licences and vehicle registration

Organizer: Reconnaissance International

High Security Printing Latin America Nassau The Bahamas 5-7 June 2023


Topics: The latest technologies and techniques in the production and issue of banknotes, ePassports, ID cards, visas and other secure documents across Latin America; Reducing the Environmental Impact of Cash; Regional Currency Developments; Design and Production; Regional awards for the best banknotes and ID documents of the year.

Organizer: Reconnaissance International

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