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15 years on the market of banking information! «InterCrim-press» is one of the leading Russian and foreign publishing houses producing reference literature in English and Russian which highlights current issues of cash circulation and authentication of high security printing products.

Our publishing house was founded in 1999 with the assistance of the Criminal Expertise Centre of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia and the Bank of Russia when the credit and financial system of our country was not well-established and new commercial banks were badly in need for а source of reliable operation information for their day-to-day needs. During 15 years of its activity our publishing house has done a number of the projects in the framework of our three key areas of reference and practice guides: «CURRENCIES OF THE WORLD», «SECURITIES», «COMMEMORATIVE COINS».

From 2014 besides the printed version available the electronic version of the reference book 
BANKNOTES OF THE WORLD: Currency Circulation

The published information is recommended for the practical use by the Bank of Russia, National banks of CIS countries, Criminal Expertise Center of the Ministry of Interior of Russian Federation, International Association of Currency Affairs.

"Сurrencies of the world" series reference books

For now 12 volumes are published (2001-2014)

Structure of catalogue: 
  • The reference catalogue "BANKNOTES OF THE WORLD: Currency Circulation" is an edition with parallel text in English and Russian.
  • Each entry presents complex information on currency circulation of the country: in informational block – general state details, detailed information on the currency (official name, issuing authority, US Dollar exchange rate as on the date of issue, specifics of currency circulation, international and Russian currency codes); in the main block – full color pictures of the face and back of banknotes, description of the main subject, sizes, security elements specified by numerated pointers.
  • Inside the entry the banknotes are arranged according to the denomination value starting from the lowest. Banknotes within the country entries are represented in series that are both in circulation and rarely encountered yet remain legal tenders. The heading above each note contains the official year of the series (in some cases – name of the series). The period of time in the heading indicates that the banknotes has being issued through a special period without substantial changes in design or security elements. 
  • The headings of the polymer banknotes are printed in red. The information on banknotes withdrawn from circulation is put in the end of each entry. 
  • Reference matter of the volume contains index of political and economic unions and international associations mentioned in the catalogue, alphabetical currency index, political world map and glossary of terms used for description of the banknote security elements and their legend. 

Monthly news bulletin "Banknotes of the world: Cash circulation. Analysis. Counterfeiting" 

Each volume includes:

  • Information about changes in cash circulation of 250 countries and territories of the world - the banknotes coming into circulation, withdrawn from circulation and exchangeable and /or cancelled;
  • Materials about new technologies in security printing, expert articles on the authenticity identification of banknotes;
  • Information describing the counterfeit money (U.S. Dollars, EU Euros, Sterling pounds of the Bank of England, Yuans of the People's Bank of China, Rubles of the Bank of Russia, etc.), seized from circulation in the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • Materials to optimize the cash handling, based on the introduction of automated systems and new recycling technologies.