Commemorative Coins of Russia, 2014

Commemorative and Investment Coins of Russia, 2010
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Commemorative Coins of Russia is the most complete (since 1832) catalogue series dedicated to commemorative coins of Russia. This is the official Bank of Russia edition including full description of coins, their technical parameters, information about events and motifs of coins.

Issues and series of commemorative coins are arranged in topical sections placed in chronological order according to the names of series.

Information on coins includes life-size images, short description of obverse and reverse, series and coin, size, mintage, total weight, fine metal content, thickness, type of edge, mint, names of artists and sculptors. Description of every coin is followed by a sketch of events to which the coin is dedicated.

The publication is intended for commercial banks and other organizations participating in numismatic auctions as well as for numismatists, collectors, and everyone else interested in the history of Russian coins and cash circulation.