Commemorative Coins of Russia, 2009

Commemorative Coins of Russia, 2009
Reference catalogue
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The catalog contains the series and issues of commemorative coins of Russia (65 items) bearing their catalog numbers, issued by the CBR in 2009.


  • Rarest coin: "History of Monetary Circulation in Russia". Weight: 3 kg. Face value: 25 thousand rbl. Metal: gold. Circulation: 50 pieces. Date of issue: October 1, 2009
  • Most interesting coin artistically: "Pokrovsky Cathedral, Voronezh". Metal: silver. Insert: gold. Face value: 3 rbl.
    • The information on coins includes: coin picture in actual size; short description of obverse and reverse; name of release, series, and coin; size; mintage; total weight; fine metal content; thickness; type of edge; mint; names of artists and sculptors. The description of every coin is followed by a sketch of events that the commemorative or jubilee coin is devoted to.

      Issues and series of commemorative coins are arranged in topical sections placed in chronological order according to the names of series. Within the series, coins are arranged according to dates of release and catalog number.

      The book reference material includes: index of catalog numbers of commemorative coins of 2009; description of catalog number structure; grossary of numismatic terms; collector's value of coins.

      The publication is intended for commercial banks and other organizations participating in numismatic bourses and auctions, as well as for numismatists, collectors and everyone interested in the history of coins and money circulation in Russia.