High Security Printing Asia Colombo, Sri Lanka 5–7 December 2022

High Security Printing Asia Colombo, Sri Lanka 5–7 December 2022


This is Your opportunity to address over 300 experts from across the Asia Pacific Region

The conference presents strategies and solutions for the production of banknotes, passports and identity documents – with a particular focus on regional issues across the Asia Pacific region. 

Sharing your experiences and case studies makes the conference a valuable experience for all delegates, sparking discussion and passing on best practice for the production, protection and personalisation of government-issued secure documents and credentials, ranging from cash on the one hand to eID cards, passports, visas and other identification and registration documents on the other.

If you are interested in presenting a paper, you are invited to send a 200-word abstract on your proposed topic or case study by 09 September 2022.


Any topical presentations on subjects such as:

  • Regional developments in currency and document security
  • Currency features and substrates
  • Developments in travel documents and features
  • Printing and production technologies
  • Anti-counterfeiting, document verification and enforcement
  • New developments in ID cards and breeder documents
  • eID, Mobile ID and Government eServices
  • New technologies and innovation
  • Fiscal stamps, licences and vehicle registration

With the current pandemic top of everyone’s agenda, and the green revolution gathering apace, presentations that address COVID-resilience, technical solutions for the ‘new normal’ in payments, travel, identification and personal interactions, along with policies and measures for environmentally-friendly products and production will be particularly welcome.  

As this is a regional conference, priority will be given to speakers from countries in Asia (including Oceania and the Indian sub-continent), as well as presentations that demonstrate the development and deployment of such features and technologies in these countries.

Overt commercial presentations will not be considered.


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